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Fight Aware announced at NBAA 2022 the opening of their legacy database for analysis. Their announcement at a press conference is shown in the video below.

The use of big data in aviation is not new, but being able to analyze large datasets has historically been difficult.  For the last 17 years, Flight Aware has been collecting a series of data points on each flight to track it from origin to destination.  Flight Aware has a series of ADSB recorders located around the world that collect real-time data on all aircraft in flight.  Those aircraft include commercial, business, and general aviation aircraft flying nearly anywhere in the world.  That provides them with a very large database that is currently more than 5 petabytes in size, covering more than 700 million flights.  Every day that database grows with on average another 142,000 flights.  Finding your way through the data records that summarize these flights and provide details down to the flight track utilized, is a difficult process without knowledge of how to extract it.

Flight Aware is now making their Application Program Interface, or API,  available to developers to access its historical data for comparisons and analytical purposes.  They are also offering standard ways to query the database and integrate with a number of analytical tools so that their subscribers can extract and compare historical data and trends.

Their API is now available on a subscription basis, with fees based on the amount of data extracted.  This can open up entirely new ways to track and analyze data, whether by aircraft type, airline, time of day, airport, or other characteristics.  The tool should provide a valuable historic resource for benchmarking and analytics for aviation analysts.

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