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June 13, 2024
Finnoff Aviation at NBAA 2022
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Finnoff Aviation, at NBAA 2022, celebrated the 100th re-engining of a Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.  Their re-engining program for older model PC-12 aircraft replaces the existing PT6 with a new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6A-67P engine, providing improved thrust, increased speed, and better time to climb for the aircraft.  Chris Finnoff and his team briefed the media at NBAA 2022, and a video of the press briefing follows:

The PC-12 has been a phenomenal success since its introduction in 1991, with multiple upgrades over its life.  The first three series of the PC-12, 41, 45, and 47 have the PT6A-67B series engine.  The current NGX or 47E series has the PT6A-67P engine.  The addition of the PT6A-67P brings older PC-12s up to the performance of today’s models, with substantially improved time to climb (without a steep climb) and higher airspeeds. Chris Finnoff and his team are experts in the PC-12 market and have found that many buyers find that acquiring a used PC12 from the 41, 45, or 47 models and re-engining it with the Finnoff STC is a way to gain the performance of a new aircraft at a lower cost.

Finnoff also has an STC with MT Propellers for a 5-blade prop and also offers a 7-blade alternative to improve the performance of legacy PC-12s. In addition, a new accessory gearbox with two 300-amp generators is included.  Finnoff Aviation has always been “all things PC-12” and recognized experts in aircraft.  They obtained the STC in 2012 when a few legacy PC-12 engines were nearing overhaul but found customers who appreciated the performance increase.  Today, as many customers consider whether to overhaul or gain improved performance from replacement engines, their retrofit business is robust, as evidenced by the completion of the 100th conversion.  The engines come with a factory 5-year or 2,500-hour warranty, which Finnoff Aviation extends to 7 years or 2,500 hours.  

Finnoff also provides additional options, including a ThrutSense Autothrottle from IS&S, a single or dual TB40 Lithium-ion battery system, a second lead-acid battery, an installation of the P&WC FAST data acquisition and analysis package, an electrical system upgrade, and MT 5 or 7 blade propellers.

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