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April 24, 2024
Gulfstream at EBACE 2023


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Gulfstream brought the forthcoming G800 to Europe for the first time at EBACE 2023. The G800 joins the G280, G500, G000, G650ER, and G700 on the static display. Gulfstream news from EBACE 2023.

Gulfstream at EBACE 2023

The G800, with an 8,000nm range, can be configured with up to 19 passengers, with sleeping space for ten passengers. Powered by Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, the G800 features enhanced fuel efficiency and flies 8,000nm at Mach 0.85 and 7,000nm at Mach 0.9. With active control sidesticks, the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck, and extensive use of touch screens, the G800 cockpit features advanced technology.

By flying the G800 test aircraft to EBACE2023 this year, we are demonstrating the maturity of this program,” said Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream. “The G800 presents a compelling combination of high-speed aerodynamics and fuel-efficient engines to decrease emissions and save flying time for our customers. Equipped with our latest advancements in technology and innovation, the G800 adds the industry’s longest range to our aircraft portfolio. We are pleased to display a Gulfstream for every mission in Geneva.

The G700 is progressing in its certification program and continues in flight tests as it checks off certification requirements. The G700 demonstrated excellent stability and control in takeoff, landing, and climbing during field performance and flying qualities trials during two months of testing at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Florida. The aircraft finished water ingestion testing at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, with a touchdown and taxi maneuvers in standing water at takeoff and landing speeds ranging from 60 to 120 knots. In addition, the G700 has proven sound levels well below FAA regulations in flyover noise testing. The aircraft has been steadily acquiring orders.

The G700 continues to exceed our expectations throughout all facets of the flight test program,” said Burns. “At the same time, even more customers around the globe are seeing the real-world performance features and benefits the aircraft provides in terms of efficiency, speed, and safety while experiencing the immense comfort of the cabin firsthand.”

The company also took the opportunity at EBACE to announce expansion in their European customer support with growth in facilities, inventories, and workforce. At Gulfstream’s Farnborough Service Center, among the newest and most modern in the Gulfstream Customer Support network, a new repair and overhaul shop has been added to further support local customers and those arriving worldwide. The new capabilities, encompassing significant work on wheels, brakes, and batteries, have received approvals from the U.K. Civilian Aviation Authority and the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority. 

Gulfstream at EBACE 2023

Another recent addition of inventory repair capabilities in the Netherlands and Switzerland complements the Gulfstream Farnborough enhancements.  “The Gulfstream fleet is rapidly expanding, and we now have more than 230 aircraft based in Europe, not to mention the many customers from around the world flying through the region,” said Derek Zimmerman, president of Gulfstream Customer Support. “As a result, we have invested over $1 billion in ready-to-serve parts inventory, positioned around the world, with more than $70 million of this inventory located in Europe. We’ve also grown our footprint by 40% at the Amsterdam distribution center, where the majority of our Europe-based parts inventory is located.” 

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