If you have been watching the local and national news over the last couple of months, it would appear that nothing of importance is going on in the world except for the coronavirus. The nearly total saturation with content intended to scare the population into compliance with what statistically no appear to be unwarranted restrictions has created a populace that is happy to stay at home and watch the economy, including the airline industry, collapse in front of their eyes. The media has been complicit in scaring the public. But in doing so, have they created permanent damage in creating a portion of the public that is so intimidated that leaving the house is difficult, and certainly not for airline travel. We think the media created a monster that the airline industry will find difficult to overcome – fear. Fear is a natural instinct that is quite powerful. Politicians have been exploiting fears since time immemorial and used it to turn people against each other (e.g. Hitler, etc.) and to have people behave in certain ways. This time, fear is being used to have people not socialize and not travel, which is killing commercial aviation.

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