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May 29, 2024
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LAN and TAM, member airlines of LATAM Airlines Group, are the first in South America to develop and deliver, for pilots and flight crew, a tablet with applications specially designed to facilitate, optimize and improve both the management of operational information during each flight and the flight service.  Some 3,000 tablets are being deployed.


Jorge Ihnen, LATAM Airlines Group VP Operations, said, “With this project we aim not only to improve the experience of our guests, but also to provide better tools for our crews, reducing cost and time data processing, and optimizing Our service on board, increasing the effectiveness of our operations.”

LAN and TAM have delivered over 1,000 tablets to pilots as EFBs. The EFB apps include navigation charts, manuals, flight certificates and operational performance. They have also delivered over 2,000 tablets to In-Flight Service Managers, which allows them to access the necessary information to perform operations and inform their work teams.
The new system will simplify the management of flight information, reducing data processing time from 15 days to only one day in some cases, allowing a saving of more than 100,000 sheets of paper per month. In addition, the company expects to generate significant savings on fuel consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions by about 3,000 tons a year, because through these projects will be eliminated the weight of computers and documents on board the aircraft.

Fabio Gigante

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