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February 24, 2024
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The much delayed Lear 85 from Bombardier made its first flight today in Wichita.  First flight was originally anticipated about one year ago, but the program was delayed by software issues, much like the CSeries, which has several aircraft currently in flight testing.  Bombardier has not yet released an update as to when the aircraft is scheduled for entry into service.

learjet-85-wbjThis is a significant milestone for the program, which hopefully can have a smooth test period and entry into service, after a troubled initial development phase.  The aircraft competes with the Gulfstream G150, Cessna Citation Sovereign, Embraer Legacy 500.  The Lear 85 fits between the mid-size and super mid-size segment of the market. Major fractional operator FlexJet has firm orders for 60 of Lear 85s.

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