For now they are just rumors, but according to “several internal sources”, Air France is willing to create a low cost 2015-09-04_7-57-45long haul service, using and cabin crew with a status different from that of the parent. This company would operate the Boeing 787 ordered by the Franco-Dutch group, aircraft that have lower costs, consuming up to 20% less fuel compared to a current long- equivalent aircraft.

Air France/KLM ordered 25 Boeing 787, 12 and 13 for KLM for Air France, and the first will be delivered next month to the Dutch company. Air France will have to wait for the in November 2016, followed by four more in 2017.

The project is not currently in discussion, although it is certain that its implementation requires the achievement of an agreement with the pilots. The recruitment of staff would be on a voluntary basis, as in the case of Transavia, and also through external recruitment.

by Fabio Gigante

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