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March 3, 2024
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csm_A320neo_Lufthansa_becomes_launch_customer_2_d13b47c060Lufthansa Group, Airbus’ largest airline customer and operator, marked a step in aviation history today by taking delivery of the first A320neo.  From left to right: David Hess, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, Aerospace, United Technologies – Robert Leduc, Pratt & Whitney President – Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. – Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO – Klaus Roewe, Airbus Senior Vice President, Head of A320 Family Programme.

This is a big step for Airbus as it delivers the first of the next generation single aisle aircraft.  Boeing’s MAX is likely to have its first flight soon and Bombardier’s first C Series goes to its launch customer in the 2Q16 (SWISS, also to a Lufthansa airline).  Kudos to Airbus for starting after Bombardier, and delivering earlier.

[UPDATED with Lufthansa information]

The first Lufthansa Airbus A320neo (registration D-AINA (MSN 6801)) is expected to be transferred to its home base in Frankfurt later this week. The aircraft will be used for its first commercial flight to Hamburg on 24 January. In addition to Hamburg, Munich will be the second of the first two destinations for the A320neo.

The A320neo has a 180 seats for Business Class and Economy Class passengers. Inside the cabin, the galleys and lavatories in the front and back of the aircraft have been newly arranged, allowing for a more efficient use of available space. Business Class passengers benefit from greater legroom in the front rows, and the new arrangement also creates room for a further two rows with 12 additional seats in Economy Class.

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5 thoughts on “Lufthansa gets A320neo #1

  1. kudos? C series is an all new plane. The C Series also assisted with development of geared turbofan technology on the A320.

  2. Ah bit of a stretch Addison!

    Its not exactly a “next gen” aircraft. Same systems, same airframe inspection schedules, same need to empty the fuel tank water sumps every day!

    They’ve got it done pretty much on schedule, and well done to them for that. But I’d reserve most of the praise for P&W and instead ask why were Airbus not able to settle on a common wing – too much risk for their program manager’s schedules? [Yes, the A321neo fuel system is still different from A320neo.]

  3. The C-series an all new plane ? Get Real ! Bombardier got all the ideas and blue prints from the Dornier 728… and then they downgraded it substantially and stuck on their ugly winglets… flight test was a mess at best of times and the plane is basically a year late… goodness!

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