As the business days of the Moscow International Airshow MAKS2021 have finished on July 22 and all completed deals have been announced, it’s time to look back on the event with a selection of pictures. Here is our choice, with the headline picture showing the two Irkut MC-21 prototypes together with the Ilyushin Il-114-300 in the distance. MAKS2021 in pictures.

1 – Sukhoi showed the business jet version of the Superjet, the SBJ, or RRJ-95J. It offers comfort to sixteen passengers. (MAKS)

2 – Airbus showcased the A350-1000 for the first time in Russia. The aircraft was part of the daily flight demonstration program and impressed with its maneuverability over the Zhukovsky airfield. (Airbus)

3 – Boeing had a limited presence at MAKS and didn’t bring any aircraft to the show. On the stand were these models of the 787-9 and 777-9. (MAKS)

4 – The Ilyushin Il-114-300 secured its first leasing contracts for 22 aircraft, ending a drought in sales. (UAC)

5 – MAKS2021 was opened on July 19 by President Vladimir Putin, who took the opportunity to get himself informed about all the latest aviation programs.  (MAKS)

6 – The biggest news of MAKS2021 was the presentation of the Sukhoi Checkmate. The fifth-generation fighter aircraft is Russia’s answer to the Lockheed F35 Joint Strike Fighter. It draws on technology from the Su-57. (MAKS) 



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