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May 26, 2024
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More good news on the A350 program.  The first A350 XWB nose section was transported to Airbus St Nazaire by Beluga from Aerolia’s site in Méaulte. The A350 XWB nose section comprises three main sub-assemblies: cockpit plus upper and lower forward fuselage parts, which incorporate door one and the nose landing gear bay.  Making the use of high-tech materials, the A350 XWB nose section consists of 40% composites, 55% aluminum/aluminum-lithium and f5% titanium. Once assembled and equipped, the nose section will be joined to the forward fuselage (made and equipped in Hamburg) to form together the A350 XWB front fuselage.

Progress on new programs is something everyone following the industry should cheer. Given the learning curve OEMs have to go through developing, producing and delivering the latest airplanes, seeing manifest program progress like this is encouraging.




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