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May 24, 2024
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Avianca signed a firm order for four A330-200Fs. The new aircraft will be operated by Avianca’s cargo subsidiary Tampa. Avianca will announce an engine choice later (ignore the Trents in the picture).  The A330Fs will replace Tampa’s current cargo fleet (5 767s) and assist in expanding Avianca’s international cargo business. This order makes Avianca the first operator of the A330F in Latin America.  AviancaTaca and its subsidiaries already operate seven A330-200s and 81 A320s.

“As an existing operator of seven A330 passenger aircraft, we are confident that these new A330 Freighters will bring us greater fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and improved environmental performance,” said Fabio Villegas, CEO of AviancaTaca Holdings and President of Avianca.

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