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May 18, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing Has Friends in High Places, Thanks to Its 737 Crash Czar – Source: Bloomberg

  • Boeing’s Charge Is Only the End of the Beginning – Source: Bloomberg

  • KC-390 enters final phase tests – Source: AirRecognition

  • Tanzania to buy new Airbus, De Havilland planes for national carrier – Source: Reuters

Business Aviation


  • British Airways and Lufthansa temporarily cancel their flights to Cairo – Source: Speigel
  • Lion gets first A330neo – Source: Airbus
  • Cathay Pacific completes HK Express buy-out – Source: ch-Aviation
  • Austrian to phase out turboprop aircraft by 2021 – Source: Bus Traveller


  • Air Nuigini crash cockpit video – Source: Twitter

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