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February 22, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Japan-South Korea Spat Could Cause Global Harm – Source: Bloomberg

  • SkyCourier Cabin Mockup Makes Debut at Oshkosh – Source: AIN

  • Airbus delivery delays to eat into JetBlue’s growth – Source: CNBC

  • Boeing’s stock slips after swinging to large narrower-than-expected loss – Source: MarketWatch

Business Aviation

  • XTI Aircraft has selected GE Aviation’s Catalyst – Source: FlightGlobal


  • Iran’s airlines back in the US Govt’s sights – Source: USTreasury
  • British Airways fails to block summer holiday strike vote by pilots – Source: SkyNews
  • Who owns slots and rights? – Source: BusinessStandard
  • Govt takeover of Kenya Airways coming – Source: Reuters
  • White House tells US Big 3 airlines to use fact-based DOT process for their allegations – Source: OpenSky
  • Air Traffic Control Inefficiencies Mean Summer of Wasted Emissions and Delays – Source: AeroLatinNews
  • Qantas heading to Chicago – Source: AusBusinessTraveller


  • Amazing “Red Arrow Action” – Source: Twitter

  • Japan Airlines revealed newly designed uniforms for its employees, giving female cabin attendants the choice of wearing trousers for the 1st time in the firm’s history – Source: Twitter

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