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December 11, 2023
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Commercial Aviation

  • A320 Neo Engines Now Far More Reliable, Claims Airbus – SourceOutlook India

  • Aeroflot scales back Superjet flights after fatal crash – Source: Reuters
  • Airbus offers both A350 variants for Qantas Project Sunrise – Source: FlightGlobal

  • LOT rules out cancelling Boeing 737 MAX order  – Source: Reuters

Business Aviation

  • Honeywell the first major Avionics OEM to publicly give details on electric air taxi flight control tech – Source: Twitter


  • Spirit Airlines ending the consideration of the Embraer E-Jet E2 – Source: FlightGlobal

  • JetBlue in talks with Airbus on A321XLR plane to service Europe – Source: Reuters

  • Airlines scramble to overcome polluter stigma as ‘flight shame’ movement grows – Source: Reuters

  • World’s Longest Flight to Be Even Less Comfortable Than Expected – Source: Bloomberg
  • Icelandair to lay off 24 pilots on MAX grounding – Source: ATW


  • Delta upgrades Boston Logan International airport to hub status – Source: FlightGlobal

  • Santa Monica To Begin Destruction of Excess Runway – Source: AIN


  • Turkey committed to S-400 – Source: Twitter

  • House panel would bar low-yield nuke deployment, Open Skies Treaty withdrawal – Source: Defense News

Social Media of the Day

  • Sydney airport weather makes for exciting landings today – Source: Twitter
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