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March 4, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • FAA and MAX – Source: FAA
  • FAA panel says Boeing 737 Max software is ‘operationally suitable’ in new report – Source: CNBC
  • Just Right: How the A321LR Became the “Goldilocks” Aircraft – Source: APEX
  • Your Next Flight Is Brought to You by 3D Printing – Source: Bloomberg
  • Boeing 737 Max crisis prompts calls for shakeup at company – Source: CNN

Business Aviation

  • First ever civilian helicopter-plane hybrid is coming next year- Source: CNN
  • Aston Martin’s next likely to be a Jetsons-style aircraft with VTOL capabilities – ET


  • Cathay Earmarks A321neo Aircraft for China Route Expansion – Source: Bloomberg
  • Lessor repossesses bankrupt Avianca Brazil’s A320s – Source: ATW
  • Airlines adding new planes to bridge Jet Airways gap, meet summer demand – Source: LiveMint
  • Confusion over who controls Hong Kong Airlines as two bosses both claim to be chairman – Source: SCMP


  • ACI World conference investigates mitigating the threat of drones – Source: IntlAirportReview


  • Pratt & Whitney Wins $202M for Lot 14 F-35 Propulsion Systems – Source: DefenseWorld
  • German and Canadian Firms Developing SeaSpider Rocket-Powered Anti-Torpedo Torpedo – Source: TheDrive

Social Media of the Day

  • Boeing’s latest troubles could mean sunset for the 737 – Source: KOUW
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