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July 18, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Russia and the US adopt changes to their bilateral aviation safety agreement – Source: WingsHerald
  • “THIS NOTAM IS AN EMERGENCY ORDER” – FAA on Venezuela – Source: OpsGroup
  • Airlines instructed to inspect some Boeing 737 Max engines after Southwest emergency landing – Source: CBS
  • Emirates boss looking at possible Airbus option for its partner airline after Boeing 737 Max grounding – Source: CNBC

Business Aviation

  • TAG Aviation Undertakes First 60-Month Check on Bombardier Global 6000 Aircraft – Source: SPEARS


  • Qantas boss Alan Joyce commits to three more years at helm – Source: Reuters

  • More airfare shocks ahead as jet fuel price raised 2.5% – Source: Times of India

  • Alitalia to respond to possible rescue plan on Thursday – Source: Reuters
  • Qantas seeks backing from pilots, regulator for record-long routes – Source: Reuters


  • High Court rejects legal challenge to Heathrow expansion – Source: ITV


  • Erdogan says F-35 project would collapse without Turkey – Source: Reuters

Social Media of the Day

  • US Marines Night Deployment From MV-22B Osprey  – Source: Twitter

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