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July 18, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus A380 under threat as Emirates weighs rejigged order Source: Reuters
  • Dropping the other shoe – Emirates chasing the A330neo?  Source: AirCurrent
  • Boeing employment was up in 2018, though still way down from the fall 2012 peak – Source: Seattle Times
  • Russia announces new supersonic passenger plane project – Source: eTurboNews

Business Aviation

  • Why The Washington Post’s Profile Of Elon Musk’s Private Jet Travel Missed The Runway – Source: Forbes


  • United Airlines expects to receive its first Boeing 767-300ER with an expanded business class cabin in February – Source: FlightGlobal
  • SkyWest Inc placed a firm order for nine Embraer 175  – Source: FlightGlobal
  • SMBC Aviation Capital concludes significant Boeing 737 MAX lease deal with Southwest Airlines – Source: SMBC


  •  Newark Airport parking garage fire damages numerous vehicles  – Source: NBC News
  • San Antonio airport losing more than a dozen flights, including nonstop to Toronto – Source: ExpressNews


  • Germany drops F-35 from fighter tender – Source: Reuters

Social Media Post of the Day

  • A Russian Air Force pilot has released this video showing how a Su-27P (from 72nd Guards AvB) dangerously banked in front of a USAF F-15C of 493rd Fighter Squadron while it was patrolling over Baltic Sea as a part of NATO Baltic Air-policing mission – Source: Twitter
  • Two years ago, this video went viral on Iranian social media showing a US Navy F/A-18E being intercepted by an Iran Air Force F-4E – Source: Twitter

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