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May 28, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  •  India mandates more PW1100G checks – Source: FlightGlobal
  • The next CEO of Airbus explains the major hurdle that stands in the way of electric planes – Source: BusinessInsider

Business Aviation

  • KlasJet makes Big Bang in business aviation  – Source: 50Shades


  • Jet Airways’ creditors weighing restructuring plan – Source: Reuters
  • Alitalia To Cancel A321neo Order – Source: Airways
  • Indian government draws up new civil aviation roadmap to 2040 – Source: FlightGlobal


  • Securing Gatwick’s skies – Source: AeroSociety
  • Louisville airport will be renamed after Muhammad Ali – Source: NBC


  • RNLAF F-16s use biofuel – Source: Janes

Post of the Day

  • Crazy lowpass – Source: Twitter

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