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April 19, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Several Boeing 737 Max 8 pilots in U.S. complained about suspected safety flaw – Source: DallasNews
  • Black boxes from Ethiopia plane crash could be sent to Europe – Source: Reuters
  • Pilots have reported issues in US with new Boeing jet – Source: AP
  • Boeing Disaster Isolates FAA With China Leading Push Against 737 Max – Source: Bloomberg

Business Aviation


  • Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific back to profit after two years in red – Source: AFP
  • Southwest pilots support FAA and Boeing – Source: SWAPA
  • United pilots support FAA and Boeing – Source: Forbes
  • Norwegian Air wants Boeing to foot the bill for its 737 Max – Source: IndianExpress


  • Hundreds of Dublin-bound passengers stranded at airport as airlines ground Boeing jet – Source: Independent


  • Almaz-Antey last year patented a small UAV – Source: Twitter
  • Saab positions GlobalEye for South Korea – Source: Janes

Social Media of the Day

  • Norwegian video on MAX issue – Source: Twitter
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