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July 21, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Harbour Air to switch to battery-powered aircraft – Source: GlobalNews
  • Why did Boeing use just one sensor to activate the new flight control system on its 737 MAX? – Source: SeattleTimes
  • FAA Eyes Consensus On 737 MAX Flight Approvals – Source: AvWeek
  • FAA to overhaul air safety oversight by July – Source: Reuters
  • Boeing 737 MAX software fix: easy to upload, harder to approve – Source: Reuters
  • Slowover best describes and MCAS malfunction. Pilot reaction time, in the context of autopilot, is a matter of seconds (Chap 3 & 8) – Source: FAA
  • How Did MCAS Get Here and What Hurdles Remain?- Source: SatComGuru
  • FAA had initial version of Boeing’s proposed 737 MAX software fix seven weeks before the Ethiopian crash – Source: SeattleTimes

Business Aviation

  • Garmin autopilots STC’d in Mooneys and Cessna 414 – Source: GenAvNews


  • Viva Air Labs empowering an ecosystem of innovation in Latin America – Source: AeroLatinNews
  • Debt-saddled Jet Airways’ rescue plan takes off – Source: Reuters
  • Lufthansa plans to buy either Boeing 737 MAX or Airbus A320neo – Source: Reuters
  • FAA prefers global consensus on lifting 737 MAX grounding – Source: ATW
  • Cathay buys HKExpress  – Source: Cathay


  • An airport takeover bid and a railroad giant converge – Source: AJC


  • US Navy orders Block III Super Hornet – Source: Shephard

Social Media of the Day

  • “Holy shmoly, no one to Edinburgh?” Source: Twitter

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