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December 2, 2023
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A Daily Summary of Industry News covering
Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • FAA sets new minimum requirements for 737 MAX autopilot – PaxEx
  • Boeing’s Problems Predate the Virus. Should the U.S. Come to Its Rescue? – NYT
  • Saudi energy minister says OPEC+ effective oil cuts are 12.5 million bpd – Reuters
  • Boeing wants a government bailout.  The Pentagon already gave it one – Mother Jones
  • Outbreak brings mixed fortunes for Asia MROs – FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • French police turn back private jet of holidaymakers from UK – Guardian


  • 51 people tested COVID-19 positive on a single flight! – Twitter
  • Australians will have to wait until the end of this year or beyond to restart overseas travel – SMH
  • Air France A330 damaged after being fired upon at Agostinho-Neto Airport in the Republic of Congo – BreakingAvNews
  • Etihad Airways reveals what happens with its fleet during the COVID-19 downtime – Twitter
  • Malaysia’s AirAsia founders not taking salary; staff accepts up to 75% pay cut – Reuters


  • Tunisian army use helicopter to end football match that violated countrywide lockdowns – Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • The Electric VTOL Revolution – ACMA
  • Drones could deliver medical supplies, blood samples during COVID-19 crisis – Toronto Sun

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