• More Spirit layoffs  KSN
  • Planemakers slow plans for new jets as they focus on survival – Reuters
  • How the Fed Saved Boeing Without Paying a Dime – Bloomberg
  • World’s Biggest Commercial Jet Family with fuel efficiency “up to 70%” – Quantum


  • Business Jets Not Getting Dumped In This Downturn – Forbes


  • United Launches Plan To Lay Off At Least A Third Of Its Pilots – Forbes
  • Southwest Airlines CEO says it is safe to travel again – TheHill
  • British Airways Cuts Threaten Crown Jewel Of Slots – Forbes
  • South African Airways to be replaced by new carrier – Vanguard


  • Fire suppression system malfunctions in a BA hangar at London Heathrow Airport – Twitter


  • The Dirty Truth About Delivery Drones – OilPrice
  • Drone Light Show Thanks Healthcare and Essential Workers- UAS Vision
  • EHang Demonstrates Passenger Drones for Emergency Response – DroneLife


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