A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • How Boeing vs. Airbus Became Trump vs. Europe – NYT

  • The human factors no company should ignore – FT
  • Safety scare as criminals supply dodgy parts to South African planes – BusinessTech

Business Aviation

  • Kitty Hawk Unveils Heaviside, an Electric Aircraft 100-Times Quieter Than a Helicopter – TechEBlog


  • Should Bankrupt Carriers Be Relaunched? – SimpleFlying

  • Final passengers arrive back in UK on repatriation flight – SKY

  • AA CEO about MAX compensation talks with Boeing – DallasNews

  • Peruvian Airlines folds  – FlightGlobal

  • Smelly Durian forces landing – FlightGlobal


  • Don’t underestimate airplane engines – Twitter

  • KLM, the real 100-year old airline – Twitter
  • Magnificent balloons – Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Hyundai creates in-house flying car division: Appoints former NASA engineer as lead – Financial Express
  • Kitty Hawk reveals its secret project, Heaviside: The aviation startup has been working on the quiet electric aircraft for two years – TechCrunch

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