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July 20, 2024
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Amazon Prime Air Seen Surging Fivefold to 200 Jets, Rivaling UPS – Bloomberg

Bain Capital confirms second-round bid for Virgin Australia – Reuters

Bombardier Aerospace: Northern Ireland Fire – BelfastLive

Mitsubishi’s SpaceJet more and more on the backburner – AirInsight


ARGUS forecasts business aviation’s near-future – SkiesMag


Assam to air travelers: don’t be the first to enter the state, you will face difficulties – CNBCtv

We Need Common Standards for Healthy Flying – FlightChic

Why AmericanAir Bankruptcy Chatter Is Nonsense – Forbes

Always listen to the experts – Stuff

Major Indian states seek delay in restarting flights as coronavirus cases rise – Reuters


A birdstrike on final! – Twitter


A Rest Stop Where Flying Cars Can Recharge – Wired

Answering the question: Do eVTOL air taxis have a place in sustainable cities? – eVTOL

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