A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • Air France orders more A350s to replace A380 fleet: Flight Global
  • FAA probes production, ex-manager warns of ‘a factory in chaos.’: Reuters
  • After Air crash, FAA predicted 737 MAX crashes but didn’t ground plane: CBC
  • Israel Aerospace says it has fix to get converted Boeing 737s flying again: Reuters

Business Aviation


  • Dramatic moment massive Airbus A380 pulls off spectacular landing as Storm Atyiah batters Manchester Airport: Manchester Evening News
  • Airline offers priority seating to passengers in ugly Christmas sweaters: UPI

Urban Air Mobility

  • Counter-Drone Market Report 2020:  Expected to Reach $1.2B  – Drone II
  • Jet is an Electric VTOL Flying Taxi – DroneVision

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