AirInsight US Airline Performance Index

Commercial Aviation

  • The potentially revolutionary Celera 500L – TheDrive
  • Trump could act unilaterally to avoid U.S. airline layoffs, White House says Reuters
  • Make hydrogen the universal propellant for a carbon-free aviation industry – Bloomberg
  • Brazilian Startup Itapemirim To Launch With 10 A320s – SimpleFlying
  • 737 MAX first recertification test flight outside USA – Reuters

Business Aviation

  • With COVID-19, business aviation isn’t just rich people in private jets – LATimes


  • Why airlines are getting ready for huge job cuts – NYMag
  • Passenger Books Private Jet When Flight Is Oversold, His Lawyer Sends Airline The Bill – VFTW
  • First documented cases of #COVID19 transmission on a commercial flight – Twitter
  • Malta’s Lauda Europe to launch in late 3Q20 – ch-Aviation
  • Spirit to avoid pilot furloughs on Oct. 1; Delta warns of pilot job cuts – Routes
  • Air New Zealand to draw on NZ$900 mln government loan – Reuters

Urban Air Mobility

  • Vertical Aerospace Reveals ‘VA-1X’ Air Taxi – AvToday

Social Media

  • A survey suggests about a quarter of UK businesses in hospitality & entertainment think they’re at moderate or severe risk of going bust – UK Gov
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