AirInsight Performance Index

Commercial Aviation

  • China offers coronavirus vaccine candidates to aviation industry workers – Reuters
  • Qatar Airways agrees delivery delays with Airbus, still talking to Boeing Reuters
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government evaluates the AW609 tiltrotor – Leonardo
  • What next for Mitsubishi Heavy? – AvWeek
  • Are the days for United’s Boeing 767s numbered? – TPG

Business Aviation


  • How Nicholas Moore avoided a nationalised Virgin Australia – Reuters
  • Delta helped Brazil’s Gol refinance $300 million loan – Reuters
  • Virgin Australia expects to lose domestic market share to Qantas – Reuters
  • United Airlines plans to furlough more than 16,000 workers – AP
  • Deeping US travel TAC

  • introduces its long-range Nuuva V300 autonomous eVTOL – WINGS

Social Media

  • David Blaine doesn’t need a plane, he uses balloons¬† – Twitter
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