A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

  • New Airbus A321XLR is “huge in terms of distance”- Blue Swan
  • Southwest air see 737 MAX return in February at earliest- BNN Bloomberg
  • AirInsight Group President Ernie Arvai weighs in on Boeing- CNBC
  • What will the Airbus-Boeing subsidy dispute mean to consumers?- Wharton

Business Aviation

  • FlightAware: Bizav Now 83 percent -B compliant – AIN


  • gets it right with the A220 – Forbes
  • Thirsty passenger faces huge legal bill after Emirates lawsuit fails – Sydney Morning Herald
  • 37 injured, 108 flights cancelled in Barcelona airport protests – PBS
  • Climate study: Airline frequent flyer programs are ‘high-pollution’ luxuries- UPI


Urban Air Mobility

  • Audi puts flying taxi development on hold with Airbus – RoadShow NewsBoeing and Porsche team up to develop flying electric car –CNN Business

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