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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing head of sales still discounts narrowbodies as mid-market answer:  FlightGlobal

  • Has Choice Between Trains or Jets With Pressing: FP

  • Boeing’s got bigger problems than the 737 : CNN

  • DHC Explores OEM Dash 8-400 Freighter Conversion: AIN
  • Airbus expects to ‘safely exceed’ 1,000 orders: FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • CiES Fuel Senders: Fixed For Early Cirruses: AvConsumer


  • Contour Airlines wants to change your idea of ‘regional carrier’: TPG

  • Audit blasts Southwest’s safety culture, FAA oversight: USAToday

  • Air Italy goes bust: Bloomberg

  • That North Atlantic speed record context: BlueSwan


Urban Air Mobility

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