• Boeing eyes major bond issue to raise funds Reuters
  • Airbus Q1: lower results, response to the crisis still assessedAirInsight
  • How did a small U.S. airport get an $18 million federal bailout?CentralMaine
  • Airbus not expecting to review production levels before mid-year – FlightGlobal
  • AirAsia will not take jet deliveries this year, re-looking at Airbus order book – Reuters


  • A Multi-Country COVID-19 Repatriation Mission in Latin America for 60 PeopleUniversalWeather


  • Airlines are trying to figure out what will make passengers comfortable flying again – DMN
  • Southwest is reducing its orders for Boeing 737Max in 2020 and 2021 – DMN
  • Southwest Posts First-Quarter Loss, Scrambles To Cut Costs And Raise Cash With Worst Still Ahead – Forbes
  • AirAsia resumed its scheduled domestic flights today in MalaysiaAirAsia
  • COVID-19 had a significant impact on Finnair’s Q1 result – Finnair


  • A pair of Typhoons thru the machloop- Twitter


  • Personal Helicopter: Utah Non-Profit 3D Prints Parts for ElectraFly – DroneLife
  • Aircraft receives utility patent from Canada for plane – Urban Air Mobility News
  • FAA Investigates Drone Flying Over Manhattan to Remind People of Social Distancing – DroneLife
  • Commits 100s of Drones To Increase Support For National Disaster Response Efforts – DJI

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