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April 24, 2024
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MC-21_03It is not often we hear about this program. The information below mentions an “engine of foreign manufacture” which would be the Pratt & Whitney engine, but it appears the focus is on the Russian Aviadvigatel PD-14 going forward.  Also there is no mention of other Western inputs to the program.

The press office of The Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade just issued the following news:

“The MS-21 Aircraft Mass Manufacturing to Commence in 2017

The prototype of MS-21 Aircraft for flight and static tests will be manufactured before the end of 2015. The first test flight will take place in the first half of 2016, and the mass manufacturing of the new Russian airliner will begin in 2017. This was announced by the Minister of Industry and Trade Mr Denis Manturov during a working visit to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant on 14th November 2014.

The entire programme for the MS-21 is being carried out on schedule. In late May, we will complete the assembly of the manufacturing line. This gives us confidence that the first flight model of the aircraft will be ready next year,” – said Denis Manturov. “We actively replace the imported materials and aircraft systems with the domestic equivalents. Also, we are currently developing the PD-14 engine, the advanced aircraft systems and avionics; qualification of new composite materials, which are largely of disruptive nature, is underway. As for today’s appearance of the MS-21-300, the use of the Russian PD-14 engine will provide the localisation of the Russian components’ use at the level of above 50%. By the beginning of mass manufacturing, this figure will rise to 60%.”

Also, the Minister of Industry and Trade said that the market prospects of the MC-21 aircraft looked optimistic. “The interest in the purchase of these aircrafts is high. The price advantage, including after the rouble weakening, has rose. As of today, we have already signed 175 prepaid contracts for the supply of aircrafts. We have scheduled for the certification by the Interstate Aviation Committee for the end of 2017 – the beginning of 2018. First deliveries of the four aircrafts under the contracts signed with customers will be made in 2018,”- he said.

The MS-21 liner, developed by the Irkut Corporation is an ambitious and breakthrough Russian project, which outperforms the level of technologies’ introduction achieved by foreign competitors. It is one of the highest priorities in the field of aviation. The Government and our ministry will provide full assistance through the state program “Development of Aviation Industry”.

MS-21 provides greater comfort for passengers through the wider fuselage and interior layouts than in any existing models of this class, which enables to speed up the procedures for passenger boarding and landing. Also, the new aircraft has an improved interior climate due to up-to-date air humidifying system. Furthermore, MS-21 has improved aerodynamics and lower weight, which has been provided by the use of new technologies and innovative materials.

Even today, about 40% of the avionics and 90% of the software for MS-21 manufactures the Radio-Electronic Technology Concern (RETC), belonging to the State Corporation Rostec. Aircraft Equipment Holding, which also belongs to the Rostec, will supply up-to-date systems and landing gears for the MS-21 aircraft. In general, the State Corporation plans to supply up to 80% of the avionics for MS-21.

The total volume of the composites used in the MS-21 is the highest among all existing airplanes of this class. The widespread use of these advanced materials will reduce the weight and extend the wing, which gives an advantage in enhancing its aerodynamic properties. In general, the proportion of composites in MS-21 ranges from 30% to 40%. Developers put the exclusive requirements for the strength of these items.

The aircraft new-generation engine PD-14 developed by UEC is base for the liner, which is intended for commercial aviation – short and medium haul aircrafts for 130-180 passengers. This development significantly surpasses the best contemporary Russian counterparts and able to compete with prospective foreign aircraft engines for such use. PD-14 is imposed high requirements for competitiveness, given that by the decision of the Irkut Corporation, one of the versions of the MS-21-300 aircraft will be equipped with an engine of foreign manufacture.”

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  1. Thanks, Addison …. Quote/MS-21 provides greater comfort for passengers through the wider fuselage and interior layouts than in any existing models of this class, which enables to speed up the procedures for passenger boarding and landing/Unquote … yet many of us in the avgeek spheres (and I for one !) are impatiently awaiting to be given a precise quantification of the MC21 cabin interior trim-to-trim width at armrest level ? … we have heard talking of this number :406 cm (unconfirmed ??) which seems exceedingly wide and therefore could actually be the exterior fuselage width ? What is the correct number, if it has been released by Irkut ?

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