[UPDATE – The table and blog updated]

Besides seeing its neo sales continue to grow – perhaps not as fast this year as last – Airbus created a race for the two engine firms.  The stakes are huge. Both CFM and P&W need to build and maintain momentum.  

Take a look at this table which is current as of this writing. Since we are in the midst of an airshow the numbers could change as soon as later today.

We only show firm orders because that is the most definitive.  The race is incredibly close. Whoever wins the American order will probably become undisputed leader. We understand that CFM will offer an extremely aggressive package. Despite CFM’s 100% of the airline’s order.  For American the common parts are attractive, but being in Chapter 11, the is going to be especially focused on the financial package.  It will be a tough fight for P&W at American.

With over half the neo orders yet to announce an engine selection, both engine makers are going to keep up the fight for every deal. The stakes on the neo program are too big not to fight over every deal. Airbus’ neo has proven to wildly popular. It has attracted some very interesting new customers that were previously exclusively Boeing users.

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