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June 25, 2024
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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an automobile festival in England that brings a mix of collector cars, racing cars, motorsport stars and everything automotive for a weekend.  This year, the grass runway at Goodwood Aerodraome got a special visitor, a Pilatus PC-24 jet, which landed on the short grass runway that is only 2,621 feet long.  This visit illustrates that the PC-24 is the world’s first business jet able to land on very short and unpaved runways.  Video of its arrival is shown below in a clip from Pilatus.

The advantage of being able to land at short and unimproved runways means that the PC-24 can fly closer to many destinations and avoid the higher administrative costs at larger airports.  The PC-24 has obtained initial certification from both EASA and the FAA for use on dirt and gravel runways.   Further certifications, including grass and other surface types, are in the works and expected to be complete this year.  The PC-24 is also certified for steep approaches, including London City and Lugano, two of the more difficult airports in the world. 

The Bottom Line:  The PC-24 appears to be the first “sport utility vehicle” jet than can handle off pavement and short-field situations, bringing business jet travel closer to remote destinations, and has a unique capability and market niche.

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