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June 16, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing Admits Air Canada 787 Documents Were Falsified – Source: SimpleFlying

  • U.N. aviation agency to review global pilot training in shadow of 737 MAX crashes – Source: Reuters

  • Boeing 737 MAX: the addition could exceed $ 10 billion – Source: Challenges

Business Aviation

  • Boeing Backs Away From Zunum Aero – Source: Forbes

  • Acquisition of the business aviation activities of RUAG in Geneva and Lugano by Dassault Aviation  –  Source: Dassault


  • India’s Aviation ministry prepares five-year plan, list of high-impact decisions – Source: CNBCTV

  • Two unidentified airlines among Airbus A321XLR customers – Source: FlightGlobal

  • HK Express overtakes combined might of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon on non-stop flights to Japan – Source: SCMP

  • Eva Air cancels hundreds more flights as cabin crew strike drags on – Source: Reuters

  • Lion Air Group mulls IPO again – Source: ch-Aviation


  • I Opted Out of Facial Recognition at the Airport—It Wasn’t Easy – Source: Wired


  • Karem, Northrop, Raytheon team for Army’s future attack recon helo competition – Source: DefenseNews

Social Media of the Day

  • Amusing flight attendant – Source: Twitter

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