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December 10, 2023
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A great sign for Bombardier, its first production CS100 was captured this afternoon taxing at Mirabel.


photo credit – Sylvain Faust


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5 thoughts on “Production CS100 out and about

  1. Surprising that the first production C Series is not in the SWISS livery, but in the prototype promotional paint. Meanwhile, FTV5 is painted in the SWISS livery.

  2. Production aircraft 1 wasn’t supposed to be delivered to Swiss, originally it was for Malmo Aviation (which postponed its deliveries). Production aircraft nr.2 was meant from the beginning for Swiss.

  3. Let’s be realistic: calling this CS100 ‘out and about’ in a headline is not a great sign. Good luck to the engineers at the lowest level for working hard to try and turn this into a success anyway, without being (financially) recognized for their pivotal role in compensating for unrecognized truckloads of managerial mistakes, starting but not at all ending, one level above them.

  4. If you want to see truckloads of managerial mistakes, look at the 787 program. Some people say they MAY break even after 5000 airplanes!!! BBD will break even in 500-800 planes. Which is easily attainable.

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