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June 17, 2024
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Discussion with Swiss pilot Peter Koch, Fleet Chief Bombardier

8 thoughts on “Swiss International Airlines on CSeries

  1. I don’t understand what’s going on with this craft. It’s got everything. Specs, looks, performance , etc. Everyone is moved even amazed by this plane. The part that doesn’t make sense is why are the sales lagging? There must be something the public is not told and its driving some of us nuts. C’mon guys move it.

  2. Look, if you went to Bombardier with cash in hand TODAY to buy a Cseries, it would not be delivered for 4 years because of their backlog, You cannot expect massive orders for this plane. Bombardier only plans to build at the most 120/year. Maybe 160 if they do 3 shifts. So why take a risk an place a firm order when you can see how it is going to turn out? Several lessors have placed substantial orders, you won’t see 100 plane orders until the plane is already in operation.

  3. The problem for Bombardier is that the market has changed, airlines have up gauged since the ‘study’ on the market segment was done, its all about CASM, seat economics today, it is why the the B737-600 and A318 did so poorly, now its the turn of the B737-7Max and A319neo, poor sales, as its all about the B737-8Max, 9Max and A320/321.
    The airlines that had DC-9/MD-80’s, B717’s, etc. have moved to bigger seating capacity aircraft, the 100-149 seat market is not what is was 10 years ago, thus the poor sales of Bombardier’s CSeries, now with fuel coming down as oil hits $60/barrel, Bombardier is in big trouble !

  4. It’s BBD’s poor after sales record. I’ve read on a few occasions they are like car salesmen, where once the sale is final they forget your face.
    On a lighter note I also read a comment recently where a wrongfully dismissed employee in revenge put a curse on the company. I know, I popped my buttons laughing but what a coincidence.

  5. What backlog? It’s 2 years 3 at the most. The way their workers abuse the overtime system and drag their butts is a reason they’d take 4 years not to mention the high cost of overtime pay. I was corresponding with a few guys in the Quebec operations a couple of years ago who told me the overtime is so abused where there are guys making 100k a year. Apparently its a cultural practice province wide which would explain the enormous debt.

  6. Victor, I have a few interesting articles on this issue on my blog, aviationdoctor.wordpress.com it may explain why the CSeries is struggling, best regards, Tomas

  7. Agreed, however this program was doomed from the start. It appeared like a hastily executed launch and relaunch as a responce to the success of the E jets. BBD could never swallow that one.

  8. Thanks Doc. You seem to know a lot about the core of BBD that’s not fully known by the public. They have a very dark and dirty secret in Montreal anyway that the assemblers union has been keeping under cover. According to a former employee, they are so well protected and covered by all levels of government which would explain their cockiness and arrogance. If the truth were exposed it would warrant criminal charges and not for business or tax violations. The truth will eventually come out and vindicate the many lives that have been ruined. All it takes is a brave soul to report it. Again thanks.

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