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May 20, 2024
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There is an increasing amount of news flow on the question of the replacement for the 757.  Aviation Week’s Guy Norris put out a good story on the challenges this process has to go through.  Of course the decision on replacing the 757 is not easy given the changes in the market as well as the evolving competition.  Guy shares his thoughts with us.

1 thought on “The 757 question

  1. As far as the U.S. domestic market goes, the 757 replacement market appears to be dominated so far by a split between the Boeing 737-900ER and the Airbus A321-200. Because of its extra cabin length, which allows four cabin classes, the latter type appears to have gained a slight edge to date for the prime transcontinental routes on which the Boeing 757 has been used heavily for many years. However, the 737-900ER, the 737 MAX 9 and the A321 ? whether CEO or NEO ? are not true replacements for the Boeing 757-200, because none of them have its thrust (which allows U.S. transcontinental non-stop operations from pretty short runways such as Orange County) or its true transatlantic capability. U.S. carriers use 757s to fly non-stop to most Western European nations and the Nordic counties from the Eastern U.S., and fairly far into South America from southern U.S. cities. I can’t see the A321neo or the 737 MAX 9 replicating that network capability completely.

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