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July 19, 2024
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Today’s key stories focus on speculation that Pat Shanahan, former Boeing VP and now CEO of Spirit AeroSystems, could become David Calhoun’s replacement.  It is our view that, just like Stephanie Pope, both executives are steeped in the Boeing culture and would not be the effective change-agents that the company needs.

The good news is that Air Canada is taking 8 737 MAX 8s from BOC leasing and the Turkish Airlines has ordered four more 777F freighters.  Also, it now appears that the 777F has been cleared for deliveries to China after the battery issue with the cockpit voice recorder has been solved, as it has for the MAX and 787.  China is an important customer for Boeing, which needs to move aircraft that are in inventory, particularly for the MAX.

The latest fallout from the Spirit AeroSystems re-acquisition is the question of what happens to the non-Airbus work performed in Belfast for Bombardier and other companies.  The announced terms of the merger don’t specify a new owner, and unions are concerned for more than 2,000 associated jobs in Belfast.

An article in one journal takes the position that Boeing is getting special treatment by the DOJ with the plea deal, and another on how a guilty plea could impact the company’s ability to contract for government work as a convicted felon.  The alternative is for both sides to have a very public trial, which may be worse than taking a plea and restructuring government work into a unit to be spun off.  Making sure that only the Boeing Commercial Airplanes unit is prohibited, but not Boeing defense, may be one way to solve the problem.

Finally, New York has another story about Boeing whistleblowers, adding to the coincidence of two fatal situations with whistleblowers earlier this year and conspiracy theories.  

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • After steering major deal, Shanahan, CEO of Boeing supplier, could be next Boeing boss – Seattle Times
  • Air Canada acquires eight new Boeing 737 MAX 8s in effort to strengthen network – Aerotime Hub
  • Turkish Airlines orders four more Boeing 777 freighters – PR Newswire
  • After yearlong hiatus, Boeing resumes 777F deliveries to mainland China – Cargo Facts
  • Spirit’s Belfast unit in limbo after Boeing announces $4.7 bn deal – Irish Times
  • Is Boeing getting special treatment? – National Pulse
  • How a Boeing plea deal could affect the troubled plane-maker – Inc.
  • The life and untimely death of a Boeing whistleblower – New York
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