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July 21, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories about Boeing center about whistleblowers and US Senate hearings.  Whistleblowers have and will testify about safety issues, and Boeing’s CEO will be called to testify later this month. 

In other stories, Harvard Law School’s Forum on Corporate Governance has published a review of a major paper from the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford.  The link is comprehensive and contains a link to the Stanford report, which is an interesting read that centers on Boeing’s leadership and cultural failures.  A link to download is on the Harvard Law summary.  Barclay’s has estimated that Boeing has delivered 36 MAX aircraft in Q2.  Our review by tail number for April and May, respectively, were 9 and 16 new, and 7 and 3 from inventory for a total of 35 in the first two months of the quarter.  

Finally, the Boeing Starliner has sprung more helium links in orbit, which power thrusters are needed both for maneuvering, docking and re-entry.  The spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS yesterday, and the astronauts are planning to return to earth next week.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Two more Boeing whistleblowers emerge – NewsMax
  • Boeing 737 MAX – Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance
  • Boeing has delivered an estimated 36 MAX aircraft so far in Q2 – Barclays – Investing
  • Boeing CEO to address safety at US Senate hearing – IBT
  • Boeing worker told Senators they had nightmares of planes ‘falling out of the sky’ and begged for safety fixes – Independent
  • Boeing spacecraft springs more leaks as it sputters to the space station – Futurism
  • Boeing’s Starliner – Is it time to spin it off – AirInsight
  • Alaska Air passengers refile lawsuit over Boeing blowout – Law 360
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