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July 25, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories for Boeing center about incidents, which are normally not picked up by general media.  But with the heightened interest in anything Boeing, events that normally play only in aviation circles are now making mainstream news.  But late in the day a new whistleblower story emerged, changing a quiet day into a more interesting news cycle.

Spirit AeroSystems, which Boeing is seeking to reacquire, reported a massive loss and cash flow impact in the first quarter due to quality issues with Boeing fuselages.  Boeing and Spirit have established new quality inspection procedures before fuselages are shipped, rather than have Boeing inspect them when they arrive at their facility.  This should eliminate “traveled work” for Boeing, but begs the question of why things have been so lax for many years?

The Starliner’s first manned space launch is now rescheduled for May 17th, but similar problems from a completely different organization and team point to cultural issues within the company.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Whistleblower says he “almost grew a fear of flying” after working for aerospace supplier Spirit AeroSystems – CBS News
  • Air France Boeing 787 makes emergency landing in Iqaluit after heat smell in Cabin – Globe & Mail
  • FedEx Boeing 767-300F makes a nose wheel-up landing at Istanbul – World Airline News
  • Spirit AeroSystems reports wider 1Q loss – AirInsight
  • NASA’s Boeing Starliner launch rescheduled – KYMA.com
  • Boeing’s new problem is far from its crisis – Newsweek
  • Etihad boss would trade compensation for on-time plane deliveries – The National
  • DOJ decision on reopening Boeing criminal prosecution coming this month – Seattle Times

The Bottom Line

It has been a quiet day in Boeing’s world today, relatively speaking.  The new whistleblower interview changed that.  Also at least one airline continues to speak up, as most airlines would prefer not receiving compensation for delayed deliveries, as they would prefer planes to be delivered on time.  That hasn’t happened with any of Boeing’s current programs, all of which have experienced delays to original schedules, including the 737 MAX, 787, and 777X. 

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