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April 14, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s Boeing stories focus on the forthcoming management changes and Boeing’s challenges.

There are also a couple of overkill stories, including a report of an aircraft hitting a pack of dogs on a runway in Bolivia and a tabloid overkill story from the UK.  Even when Boeing makes what are viewed as positive changes, the negative stories continue to emerge, rehashing already-known issues.  We suspect this will be the case in the near future, as Boeing stories are both sensational and aid circulation. Tabloid journalism is now impacting aviation and potentially influencing customers to avoid Boeing aircraft, specifically the 737 MAX.

Here are links to today’s key stories:

  • The Rehabilitation of Boeing – Blain’s Morning Porridge
  • US Airlines force change at Boeing, Delta excluded – AirInsight
  • Inside the cockpit at Boeing: Here are the top 5 candidates for CEO as Dave Calhoun exits – Fortune
  • Who can fix Boeing? Here are some potential CEO candidates – WHDH Boston
  • Boeing needs a completely different kind of boss – CNN
  • Turkey’s Pegasus will keep 737s, drops plan for all-Airbus fleet – BNN
  • Boeing’s Dead Whistleblower Told the Truth – The Free Press
  • Boeing 737 damaged after aircraft hits pack of dogs on runway during takeoff – Aerotime Hub
  • Boeing whistleblowers’ damning dossier…so why are these planes STILL flying today? – Daily Mail

The Bottom Line:

Much of the successorship guessing game centers on Boeing or GE executives, who would likely continue Boeing’s flawed culture. If you can find the right person, we believe a clean-sheet candidate is needed.

The challenges at Boeing are decades in the making and won’t be fixed overnight. A successful executive will become a legend, but an unsuccessful executive could be the latest in a litany of failures from Boeing’s executive suite. Many of the CEO candidates suggested that they are steeped in the Boeing culture and could be incapable of implementing the required changes.

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