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April 14, 2024
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It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s out.  The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe conditions of these products. A second AD, focused on the GTF, has now been made final and published.

This FAA AD supersedes Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2022–19–15 for certain International Aero Engines, LLC Model PW1100G series engines and AD 2023–16–07 for certain IAE LLC Model PW1100G series engines and PW1400G series engines.

AD 2022–19–15 required an angled ultrasonic inspection (AUSI) of the high-pressure turbine (HPT) 1st-stage disk and HPT 2nd-stage disk and replacement, if necessary.

AD 2023–16–07 required an AUSI of the HPT 1st-stage hub (also known as the HPT 1st-stage disk) and HPT 2nd-stage hub (also known as the HPT 2nd-stage disk) for cracks and replacement, if necessary, which is terminating action for AD 2022–19–15.

The latest AD was prompted by an investigation that determined an increased risk of powdered metal anomalies for all powdered metal parts in certain powdered metal production campaigns susceptible to failure significantly earlier than previously determined. This AD retains the AUSI requirement for certain HPT 1st-stage and HPT 2nd-stage hubs from AD 2023–16–07.

This AD also requires performing an AUSI of the HPT 1st-stage hub, HPT 2nd-stage hub, high-pressure compressor (HPC) 7th-stage integrally bladed rotor (IBR–7), and HPC 8th-stage integrally bladed rotor (IBR–8) for cracks, and replacing if necessary.

This AD also requires accelerated replacement of the HPC IBR–7, HPC IBR–8, HPC rear hub, HPT 1st-stage hub, and HPT 2nd-stage hub.

We have been following the GTF and related FAA issues for some time. The powdered-metal issue here. And RTX’s expectations about groundings here. This morning, Bank of America noted that “Weekly average engine thrust vs 2019 improved across all OEMs over last week, with P&W reporting the highest improvement.” Moreover, it seems that P&W is working through its customer challenges.

Wells Fargo noted the finalized AD “appears to line up with expectations, implying no change to RTX’s fleet recall plan..” They go on to explain: “Compared to the NPRM, FAA will now not require replacement of some components in the HPT first stage and second stage, equivalent to <10% of the prior proposed work scope. FAA also clarified the AD will not apply to parts made prior to Nov 1, 2015 or after Sept 1, 2021.

Visibility to peak AOGs in Q2: Airlines have ~60 days to comply, implying a Q2 peak in grounded aircraft. We continue to see this as the key catalyst for RTX.”

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