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April 23, 2024
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The EU ETS process has vexed airlines and governments outside the EU like few other issues.  Most industry people don’t want to discuss the process because there could be repercussions.  Nonetheless European Business Aviation Association CO Pedro Vincente Azua spoke with us about the process and its impact on their association members.  The impact is significant – in the first year EBAA estimates that an operator with 20 airplanes could see a cost of €70,000.  The ETS disadvantageous EU-based airplane operators even as the non-EU operators get a one year holiday.  We suspect there is going to be a lot of pressure within ICAO to push the ETS even further into the future – potentially  taxing EU-aircraft operators even more.  Not a pleasant outcome for the EU-operators.


5 thoughts on “The EU ETS – a view from the EBAA

  1. if we take limiting growth of air polution by the ever growing air traffic seriously, there are no free tickets. Thats not unfair, it is the reality of our own and our kids future. Stop the finger pointing and “unfair” yelling to frustrate sensible measures. Don’t dug / hide behind others, take responsibility. It seems Europe is taking the lead here, paying bills. Just my opinion.

  2. Its all about the money. Look how much England and Germany have raised ticket taxes. The ETS fees go into the general fund. They don’t even try to hide that fact.
    With many eurozone countries in a financial nose dive, the EU is desperate and looking to tax pie in the sky ruses such as ETS.
    They can cut pollution by upgrading and unifying air traffic control between countries in the eurozone. Adding runways to cut down on aircraft in holding patterns waiting to land and cutting down the time from pulling away from the gate to actually taking off and not being number 28 for take off.and spending too much time with engines idling.
    Europe lacks the strong will to upgrade these infrastructures because of the whining of some who choose to live near an airport which I might add are major sources of jobs.
    The EU might gain a bit more respect if they just came out and said we need these taxes to balance our books and not claiming to take take the pompous moral high road as guardians of the planet. No one buys it.

  3. Steve, no, ETS was cooked up long before the crises.

    Things go very slow here with so many governments, opposition parties.

    The world population is not able to tackle our growing environmental problem.

    We prefer to look the other way and cash, enjoy,

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