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April 12, 2024
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Courtesy of Skies Magazine


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7 thoughts on “The Swiss CSeries…

  1. Cool! Very nice picture. Thanks for posting it. This aircraft will fly to Zurich after the show and will be presented to the SWISS employees. As for the CS300, after the show it will fly to Belfast where it will be presented to Bombardier’s own employees who build the CSeries fantastic wings.

    The blue garage door behind the CSeries is where the ISTCR test rig is located, and the lower building that we can barely see between the two aircraft hangars is where the Engineering Simulator (ESIM) sits. The larger hangar on the left is the paint shop where this CS100 got its new livery.

    Have a great PAS 2015 Bombardier!

  2. Yes, I had noticed that. It looks like it is going to be the new designation from now on. It seems to coincide with the Paris Air Show and is probably part of a new marketing campaign.

  3. Very good Bernard! A few people have noticed this. Perhaps clarification on Monday at 10am?

  4. Bombardier said that the C Series brochure will be updated for the show with actual flight test data. Well, I think we can also expect that brochure to reflect this new way of writing the name of the aircraft. From now on we will probably see it in every official communication or publication. It normally takes me a bit of time before ‘I accept’ this kind of change, but in this case it was an instant like. Perhaps the detached ‘C’ is meant to reflect the fact that the Commercial division is now a stand-alone. 😉

  5. What happened to the windshield? It looks cracked.
    Back in 2008, the aircraft livery used to have that CCCCC with even more focus on the ‘C’.

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