Since we just went through the OEM O&D numbers, we thought it might be interesting to see how transactions have gone through April YTD.  First, we look at the single-aisle market for the pre re-engined series. Remember, these are transactions of new and pre-owned aircraft.

We list the top ten dealmakers for the period and we can see the top ten at Boeing generated 53.7% of the deals to date.  At Airbus, the similar group generated 63.7% of the deals.  It appears Airbus has a more concentrated customer base.

Looking at the re-engined models, we can list all the deals.  These are all new aircraft.

Once again we see a hint that Airbus has a more concentrated customer base. Most deliveries of Airbus A320neos were powered by the LEAP which highlights another issue.  Boeing does not have a GTF “problem” and managed to deliver a few more aircraft.  But several undelivered MAXs are awaiting engines as well.  We also note that in both tables so far, the Chinese airlines seem to be more Boeing-centric.  This is important when considering that market potential.

Next, we look at the main twin-aisle rivals.  It’s interesting to see LCCs at the top of both lists.  It is also interesting to see Virgin Atlantic near the top of both lists with three of each type.

Here we also note many more Chinese airlines among the A330s.  The 787 list seems to have more historic brands.  In volume terms, both lists are very close. Note though that while most 787 deals are new deliveries (38/42 were -9s), among the A330s are several pre-owned aircraft moving around the industry.  The recent closure of Air Berlin brought several A330s to the market, and these were snapped up quickly.  The A330 might be older technology, but the industry sees good value in deploying them.

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