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April 18, 2024
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Rolls-Royce intends to feed technology bricks from the UltraFan demonstrator engine into existing Trent programs within two to three years. Although UltraFan has just started ground tests, some technology will be available sooner rather than later. Trent family will benefit from UltraFan technology by 2025.

“We are already bringing some of the UltraFan technologies across, including a new disk alloy. We believe we got a world lead in disk alloys. We spent eight years developing a new disk alloy that has got an incredible performance that we will introduce on the Trent engines to increase their time on wing. We intend to bring it to service in 2025,” said Simon Burr, Director of Engineering & Technology. Rolls-Royce shared various program updates during pre-Paris Airshow media briefings in Dahlewitz near Berlin.