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June 17, 2024
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UAM AirInsight caught up with Colby Harvey, founder and CEO of the start-up drone company, RIZSE at the Unmanned Arizona conference. RIZE developed advanced robotics in a fully autonomous drone platform to streamline aircraft inspections. The drone, with matching software, conducts 100% autonomous aircraft maintenance, dropping inspections from days to just a few hours, which is ten times faster than the typical fuselage inspection process and with greater consistency. Plus, it reduces the amount of time heavy machinery must be operated near the aircraft The state-of-the-art lidar system and high-precision camera empower technicians to work efficiently and consistently. The company has already mapped the A320s and A737s. The process uses artificial intelligence to compare the subject aircraft to the mappings of the same aircraft type and results in $10,000+ reduction in the cost of aircraft MX inspections.


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Tulinda Larsen

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