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July 20, 2024
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An airport at the Thames Estuary has moved a step closer with confirmation the UK government would hold a consultation into the proposals. Having ruled out expansion at the existing airports in the south of England, the government is seeking ways to ensure the UK maintains its position as an aviation hub.  London’s airports have been forbidden to grow by adding runways. Anyone who has flown through Heathrow knows how crowded it is.

The estuary idea, first championed by London mayor Boris Johnson, faces many hurdles.  The fact the idea is being given any consideration after being dismissed at first is good news.  UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is thought to be opposed to the idea and environmental campaigners have attacked the plan, claiming local birdlife would be endangered.  Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne did not rule out the plan in 2011 during his Autumn Statement.

There is more information on the estuary proposal here.

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