We undertook a 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook with Richard Aboulafia and Brian Foley.  It was a 42-minute chat and really interesting.  All four of us were closely aligned – which was surprising.  2022 looks good for Airbus for obvious reasons (A220 & A321), not so good for Boeing for also obvious reasons.  The instability of that duopoly is a big concern. 

We all agreed that 2022 looks good for Embraer – who would have thought?  Post the ITC case against Bombardier, Boeing seems to have run into bad karma.  Embraer, hammered by the loss of the deal with Boeing, has clawed its way back.  How? By deploying its #1 asset, its employees – creative, adaptable, and flexible.  Exactly what Boeing needed then and still needs, by the way.

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