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April 15, 2024
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Antonov Airlines has added another aircraft to its freighter fleet.  This is the amazing AN-22.  Dating from 1964, this is the largest turboprop still flying.  Antonov says it has a payload of 60 tonnes.

2016-07-04_9-11-12The aircraft will be based out Leipzig, Germany.  Antonov Airlines offers this alongside its larger 150 tonne AN-124 or the gigantic and unique AN-225 with 250 tonne payload.  Being based in Germany the AN-22 may pick up work from NATO like the rest of the fleet.  This would provide NATO with useful capacity as its various forces await their A400Ms. Take a look here:

2016-07-04_9-28-02* The original payload was 80,000Kg and Antonov is offering 60,000Kg on the aircraft.

It might annoy Airbus, but what can NATO do? For long range missions (like Mali) they need heavy lifters with rough field performance.  The 52 year old still has game.  If this AN-22 does pick up work, and A400M delivery delays go on, Antonov has access to more An-22s to bring back to life.

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